How to Join the AGR Program

When I was selected for the AGR Program, I informed my 1SG at the time that I would be leaving Command to take on an AGR position within 6 weeks. After the congratulations, she asked how I did it. It shocked me. How does a 1SG with over 20 years experience in the Army Reserves, not know how to apply to the AGR Program? Every Reserve Soldier should be aware of this even if they don’t want to do it. You can provide the information to your subordinates to help them apply to the AGR Program.

The point of this is to walk you step by step on how to apply to the AGR Program application process. I provided pictures so you’ll know exactly where to go.  

You start the applying to the AGR Program by going to

Scroll down and click on the Self Service page.

Click on “My Record Portal”

From this point, it is going to ask you to login using your CAC reader or DS Login. Login into the page. It will take you to a home page.

Click on the Tools icon.

And now you have reached the AGR Application Button. Click that and you will now start the process to Apply to the AGR Program. At this point, the instructions are there and you can continue to finish the application.

Remember that the AGR program takes time. After you apply, you will get a follow up email that they have received your application. If you are considered eligible, you will get another email informing you of that. They will keep your record on file for 12 months before you will have to apply again. For me personally, it took about 10 Months before I got offered a position. I have heard stories about it taking 2 months. 

Hopefully this helped you in finding the button to help you apply to the AGR program. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us at